Film Sliming Obama Parents Hits Swing States

Images of President Obama and Frank Marshall Lewis (Dreams From My Real Father)
Images of President Obama and Frank Marshall Lewis (Dreams From My Real Father)

With President Obama pulling out ahead of Mitt Romney in some national voter polls, it's no surprise that some right-wing partisans are resorting to tactics of pure desperation. Wild conspiracy theories and attacks on a candidate's dead mother are about as low as anyone can go — even more troubling when they attract the endorsement of a GOP  official.

For a while now, pictures purporting to show Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, modeling in 1950s bondage and fetish porn have been floating around the darker corners of the Internet. Now, though, they’ve made their way into a pseudo-documentary, Joel Gilbert’s Dreams From My Real Father, which is being mailed to voters in swing states, promoted by several Tea Party groups and by at least one high-level Republican. At the same time, Dinesh D’Souza’s latest book, Obama’s America—the first of all his works to hit the top spot on The New York Times bestseller list—has a chapter essentially calling Dunham a fat slut. If Obama is reelected, it’s hard to imagine where the right goes from here.

It’s tempting to ignore Dreams From My Real Father because it’s so preposterous. The movie claims that Obama’s actual father was the poet and left-wing activist Frank Marshall Davis, who Dunham met through her father, who was a CIA agent merely posing as a furniture salesman….


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