Feel Bold Enough to Call Black Bus Riders in DC The N-Word? Feel Bold Enough to Get Clocked

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Screenshot: Fox 5 DC

So this is a story about a white woman who thought it was a good idea to call a bus full of passengers “niggers” in Northeast D.C., during Tuesday evening rush hour ... only to find herself an unwilling participant in the time-honored tradition of catching hands.


According to Fox5DC, the woman had to be taken to the hospital after the verbal confrontation turned quickly physical, because you know, she called people niggers in Chocolate City of all places.

Emergency responders were called to a bus stop near 2nd and H streets at around 6 p.m. Apparently two women had gotten into an argument on the X2 Metrobus. It is not clear what started the argument. But it became clear what ended it.

Cellphone footage from the incident shows the meat of the altercation.

The white woman, holding a drink in her hand, could be heard yelling at someone off camera. As the woman tries to leave the bus, she yells something about “nigger-asses” to which the whole bus, which is clearly filled with black folk, shouts “Ooooooohh.”

Now, my friends, in case you happen to not be black, you should know that if you hear that collective, offended “ooooh,” you better have come prepared to throw down.

The next clip proves that. The woman is seeing lying in the street, her face and head bloodied as the bus pulls off.


“Call somebody else a nigger!” a woman voice taunts as the bus drives away.


Welp. I’m not one to condone violence of any kind, but I am also a firm believer in the mantra, “Don’t start none, won’t be none.”

Metro Transit Police told Fox5 that the woman was treated for lacerations to her face and head. Two suspects involved in the altercation were stopped and identified but no arrests have been made so far.


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Saying a GODDAMNED *WORD* doesn’t give you ANY fucking right to touch and hurt someone physically.

If that white lady was my mom, I’d say she was stupid and then hunt down the bitch who touched her and knock HER out.

This shit with the “You say something dumb, you deserve everything thereafter!” has got to stop. What kind of vindictive society do we have now? Instead of public beheadings, we have public shaming to the point where others support physical pain and punishment for VERBAL stupidity.