Feeding the Homeless Was Better Than Faking Marital Bliss

A family's decision to invite the homeless to attend their daughter's canceled wedding reception is a reminder that something can always be salvaged to bless someone else, Nikki Woods writes at BlackAmericaWeb.

A beautiful story of a couple who donated their daughter’s wedding reception dinner to 200 homeless people at Atlanta’s "Hosea Feed the Hungry," charity, has gotten lots of attention.  It was the kind of act that renews people’s faith in humanity and reminds us that no matter how bleak a circumstance is, some part can be salvaged to bless someone else.

That being said, the underlying question can’t be ignored. What happened to bring this family to this place?  You probably think I’m wondering whether the guy cheated or whether he found out his fiancé was still in love with her college boyfriend. But actually those specifics aren’t necessary at all.  My question is which one of them was brave enough to realize that it’s better to make a decision that could cost temporary embarrassment and lots of money than to go into a "permanent" situation that could lead to years of unhappiness?

We all know couples who had no business dating, let alone deciding to get married…we may even have been part of one ourselves.  Our misplaced commitment may have been toward  the "idea" of getting married, to our newly acquired ring, to our wedding party, our parents, pastor and that huge deposit we made to the caterer, and there was no turning back.


Read Nikki Woods' entire piece at BlackAmericaWeb.

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