Feds Arrest Neo-Nazi Who Plotted 'Swatting' Attack on a Cabinet Member

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In recent years, white nationalists have repeatedly been called one of the biggest threats to domestic life. In response, President Trump has repeatedly downplayed that threat. Now that a member of his own cabinet has been targeted by white nationalists, you would think he might reconsider his stance. Who are we kidding though?


CBS News reports that federal authorities have arrested James Cameron Denton, a 26-year-old member of the neo-nazi group Atomwaffen Divison. According to the American Defamation League, the group has been linked to several murders. The complaint filed against Denton alleges that he was the leader of a sub-group of the organization based in Texas and would post in a chat room about his planned calls using handles such as “Rape” and “Tormentor.”

Bruh. If you’re going to be a domestic terrorist could you at least not have the screen name of a teenager on Xbox Live circa 2005?


Denton was arrested in connection with James William Kirby Kelley. Kelley was arrested in January and was charged with making over 134 fake phone calls to law enforcement. Among Denton’s targets were an unnamed member of Trump’s cabinet, an investigative journalist for ProPublica and Alfred Street Baptist Church, a predominately black church in Alexandria, Va. Denton faces charges of conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States and interstate threats to injure according to the U.S Attorney’s Office.

For a group of people that are quite frankly dumb as shit, they are starting to pose an increasing threat to the safety of the public. Thankfully, more and more stories have been coming out about how attacks by these dumbasses have been preemptively stopped. The frequency of these stories is still worrying in its own right. Even though a member of his cabinet was targeted, I doubt the president is going to say anything on the issue.

How can you come out against white nationalism when you keep one employed?

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“James William Kirby Kelley...”

I keep telling people, guys with five first names are trouble.

“...was charged with making over 134 fake phone calls to law enforcement.”

The first 75 calls were hilarious because everyone down at the station house knew ol’ Kirby Kelley was just joshin’ around. After 125 calls officers began to take it seriously as the calls started cutting into their pizza and beer breaks.