Federal Agents Find Guns and Drugs on Lil Wayne's Plane

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Photo: Nicholas Hunt (Getty Images)

On Monday, a private jet belonging to Lil Wayne was stopped by federal agents in Miami, Florida. Among the things found on the plane was a gun and multiple drugs.


The Miami Herald is reporting that Miami-Dade police received a tip that the plane Wayne was on may have been carrying weapons and marijuana. They contacted federal authorities so that they could obtain a search warrant to inspect the plane. The federal search included members of the FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as well as members of Miami-Dade Police. The Herald additionally reports that a gold plated gun, MDMA in both pill and crystal form, marijuana, cocaine and heroin were found in Wayne’s personal bag.

Wayne was cleared to leave the scene and no charges were initially filed but a federal jury could be gathered after the holidays to consider gun and drug charges. This wouldn’t be the first time the rapper has been hit with gun and drug charges. In 2008 he was arrested in Yuma, Arizona for possession of narcotic drug for sale, possession of dangerous drugs , misconduct involving weapons and possessions of drug paraphernalia. Perhaps most notably, in 2010 Wayne was sentenced to a year in prison as a result of a firearms charge.

Honestly, the whole thing is just disappointing. You shouldn’t fly drugs and weapons cross country. That’s just a fact. The element of this story I’m most concerned by is that heroin was found in his personal possession. I don’t have to tell you heroin is among one of the most lethal and addictive drugs out there. It’s one thing for rappers to smoke weed, it’s another when it comes to hard drugs. We’ve had addiction take away too many of our talents in recent years. I’d hate to see it happen again.

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1. If you’d have asked me what was on board Lil Wayne’s private jet aside from, say, seats, I’d probably have said drugs and firearms.

2. If Miami-Dade police needed atip” to tell them that “the plane Wayne was on may have been carrying weapons and marijuana”, they’re dumber than dumb and dumber.