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FDA warns about dangers of skin lighteners: Mercury-tainted products, usually used for lightening skin, are sold as soaps, skin creams and lotions. The FDA has identified 35 products, most of them manufactured overseas, and most sold in Latino, Middle Eastern, African-American and Asian neighborhoods.  

Black leaders re-enact Selma March: Watch the video of the event at MSNBC.

Halle Berry advised not to move to France: The rumor is that since she started dating actor Olivier Martinez, Berry has been determined to move to the European country where he was born. The Urban Daily reports that her attorney counseled the Oscar-winning actress to wait six months before going forward with moving plans.


Atheist slave billboard causes upset: An atheist billboard firing back at Pennsylvania lawmakers has angered black residents in Harrisburg because of its depiction of an African slave with a metal collar around his neck. The billboard features a passage from the Bible saying, "Slaves, obey your masters," as a jab toward state lawmakers who recently passed a bill announcing 2012 as the Year of the Bible.

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