For those who do not want to watch the disturbing footage, here’s a description of what happened from the Associated Press:

Cellphone video from an onlooker shows the dog biting the man’s foot as he yells out in pain. The dog’s handler holds it by a leash but allows the biting to go on for about 30 seconds.

After the officer pulls off the dog, the man appears to take a step but stumbles and the dog lunges at him again, biting one of his legs for another 30 seconds until the officer stops the animal.

The man was treated at a hospital and released. He hasn’t been charged with any crimes.


Before the arrest, police responded to a call that a man broke into a business that morning. According to AP, the police statement says the man appeared to be on drugs, threatened officers and said he was a “sovereign citizen. The man remains unnamed since he has not been charged with any crimes.

AP reports that protesters gathered outside the police department on Friday, calling for the three officers to be fired and prosecuted.