Laura S. Washington, the Chicago Sun-Times columnist, writes that the safest place for soul food restaurants is in history books.

"Soul food disappearing in Chicago as blacks leave."

The provocative headline caught the Fat Nag's eye as she tooled around on Twitter.

There was some bad news and good news in the Associated Press story. The bad: In the last decade, Chicago has lost 17 percent of its black population, along with a decline in African-American political and psychic clout.

Our fabled soul food restaurants may be another casualty. The AP reports that Chicago’s claim as “a bustling center of black America and people in the neighborhoods savored Southern-style cooking” is fading away. Several longtime soul food joints have closed, and others may be on the way out.

That's the good news, says the Nag.

The Nag is not spoiling for a food fight. I know black folks covet a succulent ham hock or three. In my time, I have savored my share of juicy fried chicken (dark meat, please), tender yellow cornbread, a slab of tangy pork ribs. 


Read Laura S. Washington's entire column at the Chicago Sun-Times.