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Farrakhan Seeks Medical Care in Virgin Islands

Louis Farrakhan (AFP/Getty Images)
Louis Farrakhan (AFP/Getty Images)

Louis Farrakhan sought medical care during visit to the Virgin Islands: According to Farrakhan representative Akbar Muhammed, the Nation of Islam leader went to a hospital on Tuesday with a "low-grade fever," the Associated Press reports.


Nigerian oil baroness surpasses Oprah as the world's richest black woman: The new leading lady is oil baroness Folorunsho Alakija from Nigeria. The 61-year-old owner of Famfa Oil Ltd., who started her climb up the economic ladder in the fashion world, is estimated to be worth at least $3.2 billion, the Huffington Post reports.

Onyango Obama, the president's uncle, is getting a new deportation hearing: The decision delays the deportation of the 68-year-old native of Kenya, who was ordered by an immigration judge to leave the U.S. in 1992 after he failed to renew an application to remain. He later sought to reverse the deportation order, the Associated Press reports.


President Obama lobbies big business over frozen fiscal-cliff talks: With talks between the White House and Congress over a deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff" stalled, President Obama on Wednesday turned to the business community. He asked participants in the quarterly meeting of the Business Roundtable to help him negotiate with Congress for a "balanced" deal that includes tax hikes for the nation's wealthiest earners, CBS News reports.

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