Fantasia: I Didn't Get a Nose Job

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images
Isaac Brekken/Getty Images jokingly tiptoed around its allegation that Fantasia Barrino had undergone plastic surgery, with a headline proclaiming that she "lost a Gang of Weight … And She Appears to Have Her Nose 'Surgically Refreshed'!!!" But the singer didn't mince any words when adamantly denying that she'd gone under the knife.


"[M]edia takeout stated I had a nose job but once again the lies keep coming. This time I brushed it off but wanted to say I am a TRUE black woman with great featured thanks to my mother & dad," she wrote on her Instagram page.

She does look different in recent pictures. But she also provided an explanation for her changed appearance: "I am on a serious wellness plan & everything is steadily changing! So don't stroke ME & THEN in the same sentence you attempt to tear ME down."


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