Florida State University in a game against the University of Maryland

The family of the alleged victim in a sexual assault case involving Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston released a statement to the media late Friday, saying that she did not consent and “the player committed rape,” the Associated Press reports.

"To be clear, the victim did not consent,” the statement reads, according to the AP. “This was a rape."

The statement comes after Winston’s lawyer, Timothy Jansen, reportedly said earlier in the week that sex between the player and the alleged victim may have been consensual, the AP says. Jansen's statment was prompted by results from a DNA report showing his client's DNA in the underwear of the accuser.

Prosecutors are still investigating the case and say several steps remain before they decide whether or not to charge Winston.

Winston is a leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy who has helped catapult his team toward its first national championship since 1999.


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