Family Of Fallen Jan. 6 Officer Refuses To Shake Republican Leaders’ Hands

This morning, Sicknick’s family went on CNN to talk about why they refused the politicians’ handshakes, and it boiled down to this: Republicans hadn’t done much to dissuade the mob that attacked their relative and even less to bring its leader, ex-president Donald Trump to heel. Sicknick’s blood, they said, was on their proverbial hands.

From CNN

“Just sitting in the senators’ offices and looking at the pictures of their families behind them and thinking, ‘You know, what do they do when they go home? What do they say to their children and their grandchildren when they go home? You know, what kind of country is this going to be? Do they really want them to live in a country of their making?’” Gladys Sicknick said.


We may get an answer to that question soon enough, since McCarthy is set to become the next Speaker of the House in January.