Family of Cleveland Facebook-Video Shooting Victim Speaks Out

Robert Godwin Sr. (Facebook)
Robert Godwin Sr. (Facebook)

The family of Robert Godwin Sr., the Cleveland man whose killing was filmed and posted to Facebook Sunday afternoon, is speaking out about their beloved family member.

“This man right here was a good man. I just hate that he’s gone,” Robert Godwin Jr. told WOIO-TV in Cleveland.


“I don’t know what I’m going to do. It’s not real,” he added.

“I feel like my heart is going to stop,” Godwin Sr.’s daughter said.

Authorities say that Steve Stephens approached Godwin Sr. along East 93rd Street in northeast Cleveland while he was collecting cans. Stephens got out of his vehicle and mentioned that an ex-girlfriend named Joy Lane was the reason he was going to die, officials say.

“Oh, man. I don’t know nobody,” Godwin Sr. can be heard saying in video Stephens allegedly posted to Facebook of the killing. Stephens then shoots him, gets back into his vehicle and leaves, authorities say.


Godwin is survived by nine children and 14 grandchildren.

Read more at Cleveland 19.

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This story... I can’t even. God bless the Goodwin family. Sooo heartbreaking. I can’t imagine what they must be going through. God give them grace.

Hope the psychopath responsible for this is caught soon.