Family Business: Lil Wayne & the Carter Tribe

straight from the a
straight from the a

Words by Amber McKynzie Lil Wayne first entered the music scene at 11 years old as just another kid in New Orleans who wanted to rap; now, nearly 20 years later, he’s one of the biggest names in hip-hop. He’s lived the “dream.” But while the money, women, cars, chains and any other stereotypical cultural icon may seem like the high point of his life, his life behind the scenes is what really keeps him going. From his first born, Reginae Carter, to his children that followed, those seem to be the things that really make him smile. But when it comes to Dwayne Carter, family and business are virtually in each other's pocket. Teaching his daughter to become the next entertainment novelty and his sons the importance of carrying on the family name, it’s clear Wayne knows a thing or two about how to hold down a family business. It’s Weezy, baby!


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