Diana Ross may have initiated the family name, but her children have surely continued its legacy. While the Motown best-selling artist entered the music world in the 1960ā€™s with the Supremesā€”and later parted ways to embark on her solo careerā€”her five children, Ross, Rhonda, Tracee, Chudney and Evan, have found multiple ways to continue the legend their mother started more than 50 years ago through the realms of television, film, fashion, education and more.

From Chudney and Rhondaā€™s top-tier collegiate education and choice careers to match to Evan and Traceeā€™s life on the big screen and Rossā€™s adventurous lifestyle celebrated through photography, the Ross coterie has found a way to expand their nameā€™s reach and become a multi-arena conglomerate. When youā€™re a Ross, you know there ainā€™t no mountain high enough; now thatā€™s a family business motto to live by.


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