Fake Drake Shows Canceled

Drake (Getty Images)
Drake (Getty Images)

Hip Hop DX reports that Drake fans in Stroudsburg, Penn., got a huge disappointment this week when they purchased tickets to a show that turned out to be part of yet another scam by management imposters who claimed to represent the artist.


The fake management team booked two sold-out shows, with tickets going for $50 each.

The president of the theater where the concerts were to be held started to think something suspicious might be going on when the "managers" requested a cut of ticket sales. (As the Philadelphia Daily News points out, a bigger hint could have been that Drake isn't actually on tour.)

Both shows have been canceled, fans who purchased tickets to either one will receive their money back and authorities are investigating.

This kind of thing has happened before. In Sept. 2010, two men were sued by a promotions company after receiving thousands of dollars to book artists including Ciara and Drake, with whom they had no association.

Bummer for the fans who were let down. But for a rapper, the haters, imitators and day-to-day dramas that accompany newfound fame can provide some of the most reliable fodder for lyrics. And dealing with sold-out shows by imposter managers fits pretty nicely into the "My 15 minutes started an hour ago … Hate is so familiar to me, I'm slowly embracing it" element of Drake's last album. Our money is on at least one reference to this fiasco on the next one.  

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