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Fair Fight's Stacey Abrams on How We Can Protect Our Right to Vote

The right to vote is one that has been fought over, died over and challenged again and again, as it was expanded to include African Americans and women after being something only for those who were white and male. While Fair Fight’s Stacey Abrams admitted in our interview that voting is not a catch-all solution to all systemic problems, it is a crucial part of our democracy. In conversation with me, The Root’s editor-in-chief, Abrams, for the first discussion of The Root Institute talk about why we can’t allow apathy and indifference to keep us from practicing our right to let our leaders know who’s really in charge.

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I love Stacey Abrams, and think she would be an excellent VP. Voting rights needs to be the primary focus of the Biden presidency considering that modern Republicans seem to be increasingly comfortable with subverting and suppressing the vote and using any and all dirty tricks to steal elections.