Extra Screening for Black Muslims?

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Slate's William Saletan explains today that, according to new data from the Pew Research Center, more black than nonblack native-born Muslims think that suicide bombing can be justified, have a favorable opinion of al-Qaida and believe that there is a great deal of support for extremism. Therefore, he says, people like GOP candidate Herman Cain, who support profiling of Muslim Americans, now have data that supports even higher scrutiny of black Muslims:

The logic of Muslim profiling is simple. First, Muslims are more likely than non-Muslims to plan or commit acts of terror against the United States. Second, Muslims are more likely than non-Muslims to sympathize with al-Qaida or believe that suicide bombing can be justified. Previous polling by the Pew Research Center supports this claim. But a new survey report from Pew adds a twist to the data: Statistically, the group most deserving of scrutiny under this rationale isn't Muslims. It's black Muslims.


The author (who's against profiling) says that these numbers put even the most conservative politicians in a difficult position because "racial profiling of blacks is out of fashion." He "[doesn't] see them advocating this type of scrutiny." Really? Has he met the Tea Party before? Our view is that they (and this includes Herman Cain) don't know or care what the rest of us think is "out of fashion" politically, and wouldn't hesitate for a minute. 

Read more at Slate.

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