Too much exercise during a pregnancy can be harmful. (Thinkstock)

The Today show's medical editor called out pregnant women who can't stop obsessing about exercising and staying skinny.

Knock it off, Dr. Nancy Snyderman said, calling it an "upper East Side, obnoxious, white-girl problem.'' She points out that these women, dubbed "mommyrexics," want perfect babies, perfect bodies and perfect lives, but if moms fail to gain enough weight, it can cause serious medical problems.

"You're starving your fetus," she said. "At a time when we're talking about Africa's greatest famine in 60 years, I find this particularly vulgar." (Hear Snyderman's comments in the video below, between the 3:45 and 6:00 marks.)

It is indeed misguided for these women to focus so much on their external appearance when what's going on inside of them will matter for a lifetime — long after looks have faded.

See the video above and read more at the Daily News.

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