Exclusive: Meet Some of the Women Who Are Speaking Out in Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly

The Root sat down with some of the women and men who appear in Lifetime’s groundbreaking documentary series, Surviving R. Kelly, to chat about their relationships with the singer and why they decided to speak out. Watch above.


The consecutive three-night event, Surviving R. Kelly, begins Thursday, Jan. 3 at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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This the truth. Women of color, particularly black women are not belived when they are sexually abused. From childhood to adulthood unless there is some desire by white media/politician to go after that particular man. Then even the flimsiest complaint is believed. The case of the Asian/white Oklahoma cop that raped dozens of black woman before he was finally arrested is a great example of how hard it is for us to get justice.  In this case we have years of accusations. We have Child porn connected to him and only thrown out of court because of a bad search! He filmed hims self peeing on a child. In the run up to this broadcast, I have seen too many black men on social media blame the children for being taken in by the flame of fame and not making R.Kelly stop being a creep. For the record, it is NEVER the job of a child to be the adult and stop the rape! It is NEVER the fault of a child for being a victim. It is time that black men stand up for black women and children and say “Brother, there is no home for you here”! Since the first accusations came out I forbade my children from downloading his music, watching his videos or going to his concerts. Record studios have got to stop giving a creep a platform to continue to seduce innocents. I can not help but believe that if R.Kelly had even half this many White victims he would have been spoken about in the past tense years ago.