Darren Sharper 
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Former NFL star Darren Sharper has turned himself in to Los Angeles police without incident on Thursday evening, CNN reports.

Sharper, who is facing several rape allegations across the country, including in California, was slapped with two more counts of aggravated rape by the Orleans Parish district attorney’s office. His charges in California are similar, although he pleaded not guilty to those accusations last week.

According to several reports, Sharper is alleged to have drugged women whom he lured back to his hotel room, and then to have sexually assaulted them once they have passed out.

The actions of the 38-year-old former-athlete-turned-NFL-network-analyst are also being investigated in Arizona and Nevada. According to CNN, police in Tempe, Ariz., are looking to file their own charges against Sharper soon.

"We have nothing yet. We anticipate filing charges very shortly and we are still waiting on a couple of results from the crime lab," Sgt. Mike Pooley said, according to the news site.

The alleged rapes in California were dated in October and January, and the two alleged rapes in Louisiana occurred around September. Sharper is also under scrutiny for a 2012 sexual battery complaint filed last month in Florida.

So far his lawyers have all reiterated Sharper’s declared innocence, saying all contact between the former footballer and the women was consensual.


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