Typhenie Johnson

Chris Revill was arrested Wednesday on a kidnapping charge after his 25-year-old ex-girlfriend went missing, Fox News reports.

Typhenie Johnson was last seen at an apartment complex in Fort Worth, Texas. Revill was the last person to see her before she disappeared, authorities said.

Johnson's twin brother, Asher, said that the former couple were outside talking in the parking lot of the complex the night she went missing.

"It had kind of escalated from a regular conversation and making Chris leave here because he was gathering up his stuff," he said. "Chris had come back up, and I asked him where my sister went. And he said she jumped into another car."

According to Fox, Johnson's brother went outside to look for his sister and found her sock, cellphone and car keys on top of her car.


Police also found clothes at Revill's mother's house, one piece of which was the tank top that Johnson's brother said his sister had been wearing that night.

Revill is being held on a $50,000 bond.

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