Ex-Amazon Manager Was Told to Use Social Media to Determine Applicants Race and Gender

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At this point, Amazon is just testing how much you love two-day shipping.

According to NBC News, Lisa McCarrick, a former regional manager for Amazon, has filed a lawsuit against a unit of the company in California. She filed her suit in the Superior Court of California on claims of retaliation, wrongful termination, failure to prevent discrimination, violating the state’s labor code and its Equal Pay Act.


McCarrick says when reviewing job applicants her supervisor told her to look them up on social media to determine their race and gender. In September of last year, she filed a written complaint detailing her discomfort with the practice and her concerns about being paid less than her male co-workers. Two months later she was called into human resources and fired. She was told she wasn’t meeting expectations despite the fact all her prior performance evaluations came back positive. McCarrick is suing for damages.

Yikes, y’all. This is just a bad look. The company already has issues in terms of worker conditions, union-busting, Alexa being a straight spy and last year’s employee walkout due to the company’s weak stance on climate change. Now we have to add racial and gender profiling to the list of shady things Amazon does.

Amazon just stays putting consumers in this weird position. It’s so ubiquitous that it’s nearly impossible not to use the service or some of its products. I mean personally, my TV remote came with an Amazon video button built-in. I know it’s a lot to ask a transnational corporation to behave ethically but damn son. At least try to hide your ambitions to become Omnicorp.

Now I’m out here feeling even more conflicted about pre-ordering the special edition Animal Crossing Switch through Amazon. Before you tell me to cancel it, I can’t y’all. It’s sold out everywhere else and those pastel joy-cons go too hard.

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This part always cracks me up:

Like...ya’ll gave her receipts,then fire her for the opposite of what said receipts contained.

I hope she gets some of that Amazon money!