Even Kellyanne Conway's Husband George Thinks Trump Is a Nutjob

Kellyanne Conway, center, accompanied by her husband, George, speaks with members of the media as they arrive for a dinner at Union Station in Washington, the day before Trump’s inauguration. (AP Photo/)
Photo: Matt Rourke (Ap Images)

The Conway household must be a riot.

On one side is the White House counselor and He-Man’s adversary, Kellyanne Conway, and on the other is her robust husband, George, who openly hates the president—who just happens to be his wife’s boss.


It’s a marriage made in sitcom heaven.

George recently took to Twitter to note after one of the president’s many tweet storms that he believes President Trump’s mental state is deteriorating.

From MSN News:

Following the president’s morning flurry of tweets in which he floated the idea of a federal investigation into “Saturday Night Live” and attacked the late Sen. John McCain, Conway tweeted: “His condition is getting worse.”

Conway, a conservative lawyer who frequently criticizes Trump, didn’t mention the president by name, but he spent the day tweeting and retweeting about him.

At one point he retweeted an tweet from Trump in May 2016 in which said Sen. Ted Cruz, then a rival for the GOP presidential nomination, “went wacko.”

Conway snarked, “as they say, a tweet for everything.”

Conway also retweeted conservative commentator and “Never Trump” leader Bill Kristol, who questioned Trump’s mental fitness.

“Fellow Republicans, read today’s tweets and retweets. Don’t avert your eyes. Averting your eyes is refusing to come to grips with Trump’s mental condition and psychological state. It’s avoiding reality,” Kristol said in the afternoon after Trump retweeted a number of posts, including from Jack Posobiec, a far-right media personality known for advancing conspiracy theories such as “Pizzagate.”


Earlier in the day, reacting to Trump’s morning tweets, Kristol said: “To Republicans who’ve been inclined to acquiesce in a Trump re-nomination in 2020: Read his tweets this morning. Think seriously about his mental condition and psychological state. Then tell me you’re fine with him as president of the United States for an additional four years.”

Conway noted a few days earlier that Trump might be losing it.

“Have we ever seen this degree of brazen, pathological mendacity in American public life?” Conway said in a Twitter tirade Wednesday. Conway was speculating on the president’s ability to lie effortlessly after calling Apple CEO Tim Cook, “Tim Apple,then lying about it.


“One day he makes a harmless slip of the tongue, something any mentally balanced person would laugh off, but instead he lies about it. He denies what the world can see on videotape. Even his donors and supporters wonder, what is wrong with him? Why would [he] feel compelled to tell such an absurd lie?”


Conway ended with this: “Whether or not impeachment is in order, a serious inquiry needs to be made about this man’s condition of mind.”

A truer word has never been spoken, and thankfully for the rest of us, it’s coming directly from one of Trump’s closet confidants’ husband.


You just can’t make this shit up.

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