Etta James Is Alive, Contrary to Hoax

Etta James (Getty Images)

The Washington Post is reporting that TMZ's lawyers are investigating a hoax that led to a cavalcade of condolence Tweets in the death of big-voiced singer Etta James.

The investigation started after a Web page called TMZNews announced that the singer of "At Last" had died of complications from leukemia and dementia, both of which she suffers from. But it was a hoax. The rumor cut the muster because the page bears a close resemblance to the popular gossip site TMZ.


"She's fine," her son Donto James said of his mother in the Los Angeles Times. "I just saw her last night, and she was fine."

The Post points out that not all of James' fans on Twitter fell for the hoax. Many sought confirmation. Still, we hope TMZ gets to the bottom of this incident. James and her family are already going through enough.

Read more at the Washington Post.

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