Erik Todd Dellums: Obama Has Done Nothing for Blacks

Erik Todd Dellums as Luther Mahoney (YouTube)

Vanessa Williams at the Washington Post is reporting that actor Erik Todd Dellums has become a vocal political pundit who rails against President Barack Obama's administration for failing to respond to the black community.

Dellums has written some critical blog entries at eriktodddellums and has appeared as a guest on Fox News to talk about his frustrations with the president. He airs "a message that resonates among some African Americans who feel underserved by the first black president but are reluctant to criticize him openly," Williams writes.


"I am embarrassed that my brothers and sisters are so transparent in their support of Obama. Given that Blacks have gotten NOTHING from this Administration, showing that kind of support brings up memories of Jonestown."

Dellums launched that grenade on his blog Sept. 16 after an NBC News poll showed that 92 percent of African Americans support Obama. He tossed another one after the president told members of the Congressional Black Caucus at their annual dinner last month to "stop complaining ... stop crying" and help him fight for his jobs bill.

"The Black Caucus has been your friend," wrote Dellums. "To tell them to all but shut up and get in line, showed such arrogance it was shocking." After each post, he was invited to appear on Fox.

Fans may remember Dellums for his portrayal in the 1990s of drug lord Luther Mahoney on Homicide: Life on the Street, which won him many accolades. Besides appearances on The Wire, he essentially disappeared from acting after that. On Sunday he served as the announcer during the Dr. Martin Luther, Jr. National Memorial dedication.


Politics are not new to 47-year-old Dellums. His father, Rep. Ron Dellums (D-Calif.), served in Congress for 27 years. And while some may not agree with Dellums' newfound voice, it is important to hear disparate voices to help bring about change.

Read more at the Washington Post.

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