Enough of the Janky Relationship Experts

Diane Diederich/Getty Images
Diane Diederich/Getty Images

At Awesomely Luvvie, Lovette "Luvvi" Ajayi explains why she's "supremely annoyed as hell" that women are eating up the bad advice of self-proclaimed authorities on love.

… Who are these lost souls who are listening to all this nonsense, rubbish and idiocy??? We need to pray for them and throw them in a pool of holy water. In fact, I kinda blame them. I'm supremely annoyed as hell that women are co-signing it by the droves.

I blame the lonely women who sop up this bad advice like cheddar bay biscuits at Red Lobster. I blame them for being willing audiences to relationship experts and their raggelly ass advice that ain't worth a damb. I really do. All up through Terry's FB fan page are women commenting about how amazing his advice is and how much they've learned from him. And after every one of them that I saw, I was driven to fight the air like the Matron Saint of Bad Decisions, Fantasia …

Women who aren't happy with their relationship status have made themselves the victims to these people who have no credentials or reason to be giving out advice. And people who love to prey on this vulnerability are doing it and making mad monies from it. I'm SUPER over it.

Terry Bams and his counterparts all need to quit playing these bald-headed games. And ladies, don't let them feed you this lonely girl propaganda. We're better than this.

Also, friends don't let friends fall for the okey doke of these stranger bishes who wanna dole out bad tips. No country for janky relationship experts. No zip code municipality or city council. NONE.

That is all. Whatcha'll gotta say?

Read Lovette "Luvvie" Ajayi's entire piece at Awesomely Luvvie.

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