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Is Eminem back on the pills? Anderson Cooper interviewed the rapper on 60 Minutes Sunday night, and he had some interesting things to say about  accusations of misogyny and homophobia that have followed him throughout his career. "I felt like I was being attacked," he said. "I was being singled out. I felt like, 'Is it because of the color of my skin? Is it because of that that you're paying more attention?' There are certain rappers that do and say the same things that I'm saying, and I don't hear no one say anything about that." Attacked for his mysoginistic and homophobic lyrics because of the color of his skin? No. But he might be getting somewhere when he starts talking about how people were paying more attention to him than a lot of other rappers who were doing the same thing. Oh, the price you pay when you sell millions and millions of records and star in a critically acclaimed movie. Also, how about your content was just really objectionable? By the way, all of that criticism that was lobbed 50 Cent's way after he posted homophobic and misogynistic generalizations on Twitter — was that about skin color? Just checking.

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