Ebola, Hoes, and Mixtapes: The Blackest Thing We've Ever Seen This Week, Redux


Every now and then you see something so hilarious you hope and pray that its true. This is how I felt today when a friend of mine sent me a link this Tumblr with the following exchange. It turned me into a detective to do as much research as possible into it.


1. It's real.

At least I think it is. I've seen screengrabs from Twitter and chased down @SouthsideVic's twitter feed (a true exercise in patience). Point is, he's got it all over his Twitter and unless he's the world's fastest creator of fakery, this is legit. And if its legit. Then it is great.

2. Clearly, there is no such thing as a lead not worth chasing.

Michelle Richmond saw this tweet dealing with the guy diagnosed with Ebola in Texas and felt like it was worth taking a shot, a mantra that would be echoed by our friend Vic later. Sometimes you just have to take your chance when it presents itself.


3. The professional to fuck it in one DM flat.

Michelle Richmond spends 3 DMs explaining who she is and why she's reaching out. Southside Vic follows up with a very professional response stating that he'll reach out and attempt to get her into. And then, my man Vic in a half professional half "THAT'S NOT OKAY" DM informs Michelle his still thinks he has a lil wee wee.


4. "I Think she still a lil mad about the break up. smh."

My nigga. That shit was pure art. Pure. Art. You know how you see something and you can't describe why its beautiful, it just is? I feel that same way about rhubarb. I don't actually.


5. THEN MY NIGGA (yo, I respect this dudes nigganess so much, he could legit teach a class) loses any fucks with the even more artful…

"Michelle you know how these hoes be. But aye go check out my mixtape"

It takes a special breed of nigga to move from professional to telling another woman, presuambly one employeed and with a modicum of couth, that she knows how hoes be. And in pure nigga fashion, we go from hoes to mixtapes.


And to complete the murder…


6. Michelle says she'll check it out!!!!!

To which my man Vic responds the only way a real nigga knows how…

7. "You a real ass nigga dog…" with the emoji that has been adopted by hood denizens worldwide to exclaim our realness.

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This is a Top 10 ninjadom nominee FOR THE YEAR! LOL