Dwyane Wade as Justin Timberlake for Halloween 2010

All heck breaks out when someone dares to wear "blackface" makeup for any reason, especially a white person. Now some on the Web are questioning why Dwyane Wade's choice of Halloween costume isn't drawing more criticism. Wade dressed up as Justin Timberlake, wearing "whiteface" makeup. This isn't new, since many comedians and actors have made a name for themselves dressing up like a white man. Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence, anyone? What's interesting is that a black man dressing up in whiteface gets a pass, while a white man dressing up in blackface doesn't. No, there is no historical legacy of denigrating whites by mocking them through performance and dialect while excluding them from various industries and segments of society, but some could argue that there is a double standard. Are people just making a mountain out of a molehill or raising legitimate claims? What do you think?

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