Drastic US Troop Reduction in Afghanistan After 2014?

AFP/Getty Images
AFP/Getty Images

U.S. troops may be looking at a significantly decreased presence in Afghanistan by the year 2014. The Washington Post reports that some in President Obama's administration are pushing to reduce the number of soldiers to a few thousand in the coming years, while others say that pulling out too quickly might lead to further unrest in the country.

As the debate over the size and scope of the post-2014 coalition mission nears its end, some in the administration are pressing for a force that could be as small as 2,500, arguing that a light touch would be the most constructive way to cap the costly, unpopular war.

Those troop levels are significantly lower than what some senior military officials have advocated, arguing that a sudden disengagement could lead to the collapse of a frail state and the onset of a new civil war. The low number also is a far cry from figures in the 10,000-to-30,000 range discussed among NATO allies and some U.S. officials as recently as a year ago.

The scope and size of a post-2014 force are at the top of Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s agenda during his visit to Washington this week, which includes a meeting with President Obama on Friday.


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