Controversial talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger lands a new gig.
Controversial talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger lands a new gig.

Say what you will about controversy and talk-show hosts, but it seems to us that they always land on their feet. Billy Bush, Don Imus, Howard Stern, Bill Maher, Rush Limbaugh and now you can add Dr. Laura Schlessinger to the list. The talk-show host who admonished an African-American caller while using the n-word 11 times has signed a contract with Sirius XM Satellite Radio. In August, Schlessinger said she would be leaving terrestrial radio because of the controversy over her use of the n-word and her ability to utilize freedom of speech. Schlessinger's current show is slated to end by the end of this year, and her show on Sirius XM will begin on Jan. 3. The Los Angeles Times reports that Schlessinger stated, "The first and most important thing that appealed to me was the freedom to speak my mind without advertisers and affiliates being attacked by activist groups that just love to censor anything they don't agree with." She then added, "That just about made my heart and head explode."


Listening to her say the n-word 11 times just about made our heads explode. If being hateful, disrespectful and mean-spirited without being checked is important, then satellite radio is definitely where she should be. We just hope she remembers that freedom of speech isn't always free.

Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

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