Weight Watchers pulls a double whammy.

Lynae Remondino lost 118 pounds and seven dress sizes, and she credits Weight Watchers with some of that. But Weight Watchers won't credit her efforts enough to hire her as a national trainer. Remondino is an educator by profession and has taught thousands of people in hundreds of classes. When she wanted to work as a national trainer for Weight Watchers, she was told that her body mass index is too high — basically, she's too heavy to work for the international company. Gasp and swoon — not a weight loss company discriminating against a former client? Remondino is a size 12, which is one size smaller than the national average. She would be working with Weight Watchers' employees, not with clients. The company felt she wouldn't "provide professional leadership and serve as a positive role model." Uh-huh. We guess this doesn't apply to celebrity spokespeople.

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