Don't Sass Me, Girl

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Huffington Post better watch what they write about the youngest White House kid, Sasha Obama, from now on. Michelle Obama Watch (MOW), a blog dedicated to reporting on anything and everything about the new First Lady, jumped on Huffington Post’s case after it posted an article on it’s 23/6 site calling 7-year-old Sasha “sassy.” This isn’t the first time Ariana’s bloggers have labeled the little cutie “sassy”. Following President Barack Obama’s election win, they posted a slideshow chronicling all of Sasha’s so-called “sassiest” moments; which included pictures of Sasha looking at ice cream, Sasha laying on her mom’s lap, and Sasha strutting down a walk-way during some of her dad’s rallies.


But MOW is crying foul, and the The Buzz has to agree. Why is everything that Sasha does called “sassy”? Can’t she just be seen as a normal, free-spirited little girl, who seems to like smiling a lot, and yes, every once in a while she wants to eat ice cream? What’s sassy about that? According to MOW, Huffington Post doesn’t know what else to say about Sasha because they are relying on stereotypes of how little black girls usually act…and apparently they’re super sassy.

The Buzz thinks MOW may be overreacting a bit with the subtle “You racist!” cries lingering between the lines of their post. Little girls do have a tendency to be sassy, even if they’re the president’s daughter. But the Huffington Post should also try using other adjectives to describe things that the first daughter does. If not, we’ll soon be seeing slideshows on their site that say: “Sasha Obama, taking a nap. How sassy!”