Don't Ignore the Black and Deaf: Why Police Violence Is a Huge Danger and Other Ways the Community Is Marginalized

Deaf Americans are often left out of conversations about equality and justice. Police brutality, incarceration and other forms of systemic racism are issues that can manifest in even more harmful ways for folks who are both Black and deaf.

“When you arrest them, you take their hands and take their mode of communication away from them,” filmmaker, activist and creator of #DeafTalent, Jade Bryan told The Root. “You’re taking away my right to speak.”


In this episode of A Word, Jade Bryan breaks down everyday ways Black and deaf individuals are marginalized and how everyone can be better allies.

I was inspired to produce this episode in memory of my deaf uncle Alfred Clarke. He was a deaf advocate, teacher and also inspired a group of deaf students in the island of Jamaica to create Deaf Can! Coffee after a visit to his farm. You can learn more about them here.


Watch the full video of Bryan above.

Video Producer @ The Root


Thanks for this. There isn't enough coverage of the intersection of Blackness and disability, particularly with regard to police violence.

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