Donna Summer (Ethan Miller Collection/Getty Images)

Donna Summer claimed 9/11 gave her cancer: Summer, who was battling lung cancer, reportedly said that she believed she got the disease that eventually killed her after inhaling air after the attacks on the Twin Towers.

Obama or Romney: Who would you trust to baby-sit? According to a poll of Slate's readers, the president would be the preferred choice for child care as well as tire changing.

Will Smith leads performance of Fresh Prince theme song: On The Graham Norton Show, the host brought up the classic intro and got Smith to perform it with the accompaniment of the entire audience. Watch the video at Jezebel.

Queen Latifah around her "people" at gay-pride event: Read all about what she said at the 29th Annual Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival and the hits she performed.

Black artists sing the blues over genre's whitening: The blues — born of the black experience in Africa, America and across the Diaspora — is slipping away from the people who created it, according to a piece in this weekend's Chicago Tribune.