Donald Trump Jr.’s Mongolia Trip to Kill an Endangered Sheep Costs Taxpayers Nearly $77,000

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I don’t know where Donald Trump Jr. lands on the asshole scale but I have to assume it’s pretty high. Like, I don’t know what level of asshole you have to be to fly to Mongolia to kill a sheep—an endangered sheep, at that—who is just chilling, looking for salt and vinegar potato chips or whatever it is that Mongolian sheep snack on. But it takes a special kind of asshole—a Trumpian-level asshole—to do all of this on taxpayers’ dime.


Donald Trump Jr., aka Not-Ivanka, aka human excrement in a white skin coverup, is making a push for the king of assholes by being an avid hunter of unsuspecting animals in their habitats after flying to Mongolia and killing a rare argali sheep. The trip cost taxpayers nearly $77,000 in Secret Service protection alone, watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) reported Monday.

Initial documents provided by the Secret Service claimed that Junior’s trip only cost $17,000 but Maury’s lie detector test determined that was a lie. After CREW filed a Freedom of Information Act, new documents revealed an additional $60,000 in spending on the trip to kill the endangered sheep, who was just busy walking around in nature, HuffPost reports.

HuffPost also notes that the trip wasn’t just a big deal because an asshole armed with a gunshot and killed a sheep who had no idea it was being hunted, but Big Fredo also secretly met with Mongolian President Khaltmaagiin Battulga. He also hunted with a major Republican donor because hunting with the president’s son apparently comes with campaign contributions.

The whole trip appears to have been one big tug job, as the company that arranged the whole thing is “owned by a politically connected member of the Mongolian president’s party,” according to the watchdog group. And the company helped Lil Trump get a special permit to hunt the argali AFTER he killed the sheep, which was reportedly looking for a Waffle House.

From HuffPost:

The hunt came just weeks after high-level government discussions in the U.S. between American and Mongolian officials, and a meeting between President Donald Trump and Battulga at the White House.

The Trump family is taking 12 times as many Secret-Service protected trips as the Obama family did ― an average of about 1,000 more trips per year ― according to Treasury Department documents. The president and senior White House advisers Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner all remain invested in their private companies but travel at taxpayer expense.

The trips raise concerns about conflicts of interest as taxpayer-funded travels intermingle Trump business promotion, White House power and foreign political leaders seeking American favors and special treatment.


“Because of the overlap between the Trump Organization, the Trump White House and the Trump campaign, taxpayer money all too often ends up facilitating President Trump’s conflicts of interest,” CREW said in a statement earlier this year.

Trump Jr. could not immediately be reached for comment by HuffPost and that’s probably because he was polishing his Sebagos or washing his Camaro or pressing his Ed Hardy wide-leg jeans or whatever else it is that assholes do.


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Who the hell thinks it’s an achievement to kill a fucking sheep? They just stand there.

Who the hell thinks it’s ok to kill animals for fun?

Who the hell thinks it’s ok to kill endangered animals at all?

Mutton is the main meat in Mongolian cuisine, so at least someone probably ate that motherfucker (the sheep, not Donny, sadly).