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Just hours after news spread that Bill Cosby settled the defamation lawsuit brought against him, Cosby’s spokesman says it’s all corruption.

For those of Us just crawling out from under the rocks, Cosby is serving a three to 10 year prison sentence after 50+ women accused America’s Favorite Patriarch-turned-Pariah of sexual assault. In 2014 seven of those women then filed civil suit against Cosby, a suit we’re now being told was “settled” and the women pleased with the resolution.


The terms weren’t released to the public, and on Friday Cosby’s official spokesperson, spoke out in opposition.

“Mr. Cosby did not settle any cases with anyone,” Wyatt said in a statement to CNN. “He is not paying anything to anyone, and he is still pursuing his counterclaims. AIG decided to settle these cases, without the knowledge, permission and/or consent of Mr. Cosby. Mr. Cosby vehemently denies the allegations brought against him in these defamation suits and he maintains his innocence.”


AIG quickly responded to Wyatt’s comments issuing a statement that the company “does not comment publicly on specific claims issues.”

AIG spokesman Matthew Gallagher said to CNN, “Certain insurance policies provide insurers with the authority to resolve claims when the insured has been informed.”


The word “informed” is the key. Cosby was informed that his case was settled; he was given no choice and no voice in his own legal defense. He wasn’t a part of his own legal proceedings. He now claims AIG’s settlement “makes them look corrupt and exposes my innocence.”

“AIG showed that they’re a part of the corruption against me, by paying off these distractors, without my knowledge, without my permission and/or without my consent,” Cosby expressed in a statement to CNN though Wyatt. “I, [Bill Cosby], will never settle any defamation claim, I will continue to pursue my counterclaims, and I will not relinquish AIG from its responsibility in defending my defamation claims.”


Attorney Joe Cammarata, who represents the seven plaintiffs, declined comment citing settlement confidentiality.

Whether or not we debate if Cosby is a serial rapist (because, come on, now) the “legal system” exposed its glaring corruption through its own actions…and part of the debated settlement is that no one can talk about what happened


…has anyone heard a version of this before?