'Doin' It in the Park': Hoops Doc Soars

Doin' It In the Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC

Filmmakers Bobbito Garcia, co-founder of Bounce magazine, and Kevin Couliau, a respected basketball photographer, take it to the blacktop with Doin' It in the Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC, a documentary that highlights the history and cultural impact of playground "pickup" basketball in the Big Apple.

During the sweat-drenched summer months in New York, an estimated 500,000 players participate in the city's outdoor pickup basketball games, which take place at more than 700 courts across the five boroughs. The film’s co-directors traveled to renowned parks such as the courts at West Fourth Street in lower Manhattan to Rucker Park in Harlem to document the legendary summertime ritual and talk to the sport's icons.


The documentary is being screened in the coming months at various locations in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Audiences abroad also have a chance to see the film at showings planned in Denmark, South Africa and Senegal. To find screening times and locations, visit the documentary's Facebook page.

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