Does Ronan Farrow Have the Infamous Apprentice Tapes of Donald Trump Using the N-Word?

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Before I get started, I need y’all to applaud my genius at being able to pick the perfect header image from Getty to go with every story I write about this annoying moron named Donald Trump. This is your president throwing up a fist in solidarity as he hosted a Hispanic Heritage Month event at the White House.


This man is stupid as hell.

Anyway, actor and comedian Tom Arnold and MGM Worldwide Television chairman and reality television producer Mark Burnett made headlines for getting into a physical fight at a pre-Emmys party Sunday night in Los Angeles, but the lede was totally buried on all of that noise since it’s not the biggest news nugget to come out of that entire lowbrow display.

The bigger news item out of that debacle is that Tom Arnold reportedly told fellow partygoers that he had turned over tapes from backstage at The Apprentice to Ronan Farrow.

Deadline reports that Arnold—who had been pressuring Burnett to release tapes that allegedly show Donald Trump using the n-word backstage at The Apprentice—was asked if he had any Apprentice tapes with Donald Trump on them. Arnold said that he did and that they had been “handed over” to Farrow, a journalist for the New Yorker.

Arnold did not specifically say the tapes he gave Farrow show Trump using the racial expletive.


This latest turn of events does however lend credence to something a Twitter user said about Farrow last week:


J-L Cauvin tweeted out Friday morning, “Ronan Farrow is Omar to rich, old white men,” referring to The Wire character played by Michael K. Williams.

Never a truer word has been spoken. Ronan Farrow really is the takedown artist for all of these rich, old white men that find themselves in the weirdest of pickles.


Will it be Ronan Farrow who takes down Donald Trump?

We shall soon see.

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Missy Bruja

45 could say the “n” word in between garbled Latin phrases while butchering a blue-eyed blonde baby during a Satanic mass in the middle of Times Square during rush hour and no one in the country would give a damn.

Not even the anti-abortionists or the kids’ MAGA parents.

If the tape exists, which it most likely does, and if it is released, all it is gonna do is be more reason for everyday racists to use it openly. Oh wait, they do that now.

You are entirely too optimistic.