Does His Journey Alter Your Reality?

Daniel A. Seddiqui graduated with a degree in economics but couldn’t find a job in his field. But, instead of suing his school in retaliation for a failed career path like other recent graduates, Seddiqui decided he was going to find a job no matter what.

And not just one job – 50 of them. Seddiqui launched what he now calls “Living The Map” – a challenge in which he would try to secure a different job each week in every state across the country.


Thus far, he’s been a weatherman, a park ranger, a high school football coach, and worked border patrol. When he wasn’t working those gigs he served as an archaeologist, insurance broker, wedding coordinator, and coal miner.

In a recent profile about his mission, the 27-year-old scoffed at the idea that people can’t go out and get a job despite the pitiful market. “I just left my driveway with no money. I was negative $65,000 from school loans and I bought my car right before I left. And, just made it all work. I had no other options," Seddiqui said.


As a result, he says he’s made about $50-60,000 so far this year. Money he claims he intends to save. I’m sure the IRS will have something to say about that in due time.

If you’re wondering how he managed to move across the country every week, Seddiqui says he stays with “host families” who provide free board.

Hmm, how many families across states like West Virginia and Oregon do you think would be willing to host me? To be fair, I wouldn’t be surprised if friends back home in Texas charged for me squatting.

While I think Seddiqui’s story is interesting, I don’t buy that his experiment proves anyone can get a job anywhere.


If anything, it proves the power of publicity. If I’m employer of a business who could use some good publicity, I’d be offering someone who’s been getting national coverage for a job-related campaign, too.

This is someone who wants and very likely will get their own book deal and/or reality show.


This isn’t proof of the American Dream. It's a publicist's fantasy come to life. So kudos to him, but I doubt this story is going to wake anyone up from their unemployment nightmares.

Do you?

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