Diversity Targeted in ‘White Genocide’ Billboard Near Birmingham, Ala.

Sign posted along Interstate 59
Sign posted along Interstate 59

Commuters driving along Interstate Highway 59, located near Birmingham, Ala., are once again being greeted by a billboard bearing a racially charged message steeped in segregationist belief, AL.com reports. It is the second time in less than a year that such a billboard has popped up in the area. This latest one reads, “Diversity means chasing down the last white person,” and includes a #whitegenocide hashtag.

According to Al.com, the phrase is known to be used by the White Genocide Project, a white supremacist and separatist group. This particular phrase appears to be one of the group’s “repeater phrases,” which the group encourages activists to use often.

Another such phrase, “Anti-racist is code for anti-white,” appeared in June 2013 in a billboard near Leeds, Ala., leading the mayor of that city, David Miller, to condemn the “racist message.”


Al.com reports that Dyar Signs in Trafford, Ala., appears to own the Birmingham billboard but was not responding to requests for comment.

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