Director Stefon Bristol Answers Burning Questions About the Ending of Netflix's See You Yesterday

If you’ve had a chance to watch Netflix’s See You Yesterday, you’ve probably laughed, cried (multiple times), and blankly stared at the TV for minutes after the film ended. The film ripped me apart, and I had plenty of questions for the director, Stefon Bristol. After looking for comfort on Twitter, I found out I wasn’t alone.

So, we invited Bristol, a Morehouse grad and mentee of Spike Lee, to our studio to respond to some of your most burning questions and theories about the film.


What exactly did the ending mean? Did C.J. save her brother? Watch above to find out.

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I was confused by the movie genre itself. Was it sci-fi or horror? Also, I would have liked to just see Black kids have fun instead of taking on sociopolitical issues. Yeah I know, I’m not supposed to say that, but sometimes I want to see us just live without always worrying about being Black - especially in a fictional setting that we can do anything in.