Did Russell Westbrook Troll Kevin Durant With His Pregame Outfit?

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Russell Westbrook

Turns out that one of Kevin Durant's hobbies is photography. Who knew? Maybe ex-teammate Russell Westbrook did.

On Thursday, Durant's Golden State Warriors and Westbrook's Oklahoma City Thunder faced off, and before the game, Westbrook walked in wearing an “official photographer” bib.


Here's video of Durant talking about his experience working as a photographer for the Players’ Tribune during the last Super Bowl:

See anyone trolling him during his interview? That's right, Westbrook. Is the internet reaching with this one? Maybe. But it does seem like an odd fashion choice, even for Westbrook.

See Westbrook's outfit and pregame dance below:


And here's a closer look:


Westbrook claims that his fashion choices aren't geared toward anyone:

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