Did Jay Harris Actually Choose Rap Over Football?

Jay Harris (YouTube)

By now you've probably heard about Jay Harris, a top Philadelphia high school wide receiver who raised a lot of eyebrows, inspired some people by following his dreams and made others want to kick him when he told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he turned down an athletic scholarship to Michigan State University to pursue a rap career.

His plan to, as Gawker puts it, make music about "having sex and smoking weed and being awesome" instead of getting an education was a little hard to believe. 


Now an update explains that it also wasn't that simple:

The Inquirer is now reporting that Michigan State likely had a hand in Jay Harris's decision. In an updated post, the Inquirer wrote that his explicit rap videos pushed the school to revoke the student's football scholarship. Even though Harris says the choice to pursue rap was his, but a Michigan State spokesman says it was "a mutual decision."


We see. Maybe he'll shed more light on the details of the post-high school change of plans on his mixtape. It comes out June 1.

Read more at Gawker.

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