Dictator in Chief to Republicans: Vote for Crappy Trumpcare or Lose Your Seat

Mark Wilson/Getty Images
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

President Vladimir TrumPutin is issuing vague threats to House Republicans who don’t vote for legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare. On Tuesday, two days before a scheduled vote on the American Health Care Act, TrumPutin held a private meeting with House Republicans.


Of course TrumPutin boasted to those in attendance about his rally Monday in Louisville, Ky., because he can’t stop holding rallies and he can’t stop bragging about them. He then warned House Republicans that they won’t have big crowds to praise their king if they can’t get this bill passed.

“We won’t have these crowds if we don’t get this done,” he said, CNN reports. “I honestly think many of you will lose your seats in 2018 if you don’t get this done.”

TrumPutin doesn’t like when his followers think independently, so he plans to use the next two days to vaguely threaten the shit out of them. Surely he will use the full weight of his office to inflict terror and fear on those who oppose the great TrumPutin! I mean, truthfully, isn’t that how a good dictator handles business?

Pretty soon it won’t matter that both Republicans and Democrats panned the new health care bill. In fact, before Trump’s warning to House Republicans, the bill was considered dead on arrival. Now that their jobs may be on the line, many have started changing their tune. Texan Rep. Blake Farenthold told Politico that after a meeting with TrumPutin in person on Friday, he’ll be voting for the bill. Farenthold added that TrumPutin’s Capitol Hill visit will firm up support for the hastily created windfall for the 1 percent.

“Every Republican ran on repealing Obamacare, and a vast majority of us got behind Trump for president,” Farenthold told Politico. “I don’t want to go home and say I voted against Trump in repealing Obamacare because that’s what I’ve been trying to do since 2010.”

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The Ghost of James Madison's Rage Boner

LBJ did stuff like this routinely, but he had the sense to do it in private, which was why he was so successful at it.

Publicly threatening members of your own party with retaliation is never going to go over well.