“The votes was pulled from Donald Trump and given to Biden, that’s the fraud inside of the system,” says one of the women (I still can’t tell which is Diamond and which is Silk), exhibiting the kind of absurd logic that the Trump campaign is leaning on to try and convince anyone who is still listening that he has a claim to the presidency.

What really cracked me up was the duo asking, apparently in all seriousness, “What was the legal reason for stopping the voting on election night?”

“This is going to have to go to the U.S. Supreme Court, because some constitutional laws were broken here,” one of them added, suggesting that voting concluding at the end of election day is an outrageous concept that needs to be challenged in the highest court in the land.


Obviously the law means nothing to these two, who likely don’t understand it outside of how they can use it as part of their comedy routine to pretend they have any understanding of how the electoral process or court system works.

But congratulations to Diamond and Silk for getting some more coins out of a sinking ship, I guess. They spent most of the weekend trending on Twitter due to the bump in relevancy they got from the increasingly irrelevant President Trump.