Diamond and Silk Are Still a Thing and They're Still Ruining Madam C.J. Walker's Good Work

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God doesn’t make mistakes, but people do. And sometimes those mistakes look like black aunties, who, in 2020 the year of our Lord Megan Thee Stallion, have the sensibilities of house negroes on dope.


Anyway, because, much like cold sores and dentist appointments, they just won’t go away, Diamond and Silk did something or said something utterly ridiculous because they are two grown women who are Republicans with stripper nicknames. Wait, it just dawned on me that I don’t know which one is Diamond and which one is Silk. This is like the time I couldn’t figure out which member was J.J. and which member was FAD. I did, however, know that the group was Supersonicor as they put it, “Sumalalaalmamlalmalamalmala... Yeah, that was it.” I do know that one woman—it could be Diamond or it could be Silk—has a haircut like Lion-O from the Thundercats, except hers has a tuft of blonde in it.

Well, it turns out that Diamond and Silk said something like Democrats are using the same tactic that was done to “our” ancestors back during the Jim Crow days. I don’t think we have the same ancestors, as my ancestors don’t fuck with Trump. I also don’t understand this sentiment. When Democrats say things like we don’t want Donald Trump to use the same water fountain, it has nothing to do with his race and everything to do with him leaving orange shit all over the water fountain.

Anyway, you can watch them below because I couldn’t. But I do know that Madam C.J. Walker didn’t put a bump in the bottom of America’s wig for these women to sully her good name. They are undoing all the good work that has come before them. Plus, I already know what to expect, and it’s like my grandfather says*: “If you’ve seen one Diamond and Silk video then you’ve seen them all.”

A truer word has never been spoken.

*My grandfather has never said this.


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