Devin Nunes Had a Fake News Website That Was Taken Down After a Report Exposed It

Devin Nunes (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Devin Nunes (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is the goofy kid who wants badly to be accepted by the table he thinks is cool. He has yet to realize that the cool table he’s yearning for is really just a bunch of losers who smoke crystal meth and wear skinhead apparel, but he’s willing to do anything to make himself liked by the band of deplorables running the White House.


Not only did he compromise the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into White House ties to Russia by running to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in the middle of the night, but he also authored the fake memo that President Donald Trump and his band of goons couldn’t wait to declassify.

Now, according to a Politico report released Sunday, Nunes’ campaign team was responsible for creating, “the California Republican,” which is described on Facebook as a “media/news company” and claims to deliver “the best of US, California, and Central Valley news, sports, and analysis.”

In truth, the website was just a space for Nunes and his team to post more alternative facts, including bogus stories like “Understanding the process behind #ReleaseTheMemo” and “CNN busted for peddling fake news AGAIN!”and “Billions of dollars later, Democrats and the LA Times start to see the light on high-speed rail.”

After Politico posted that Nunes was really behind the site, the California Republican was taken down and now redirects to a Facebook page announcing that the site is offline due to “ heavy traffic” and an “attack” on its servers.

While Politico notes that most of the stories on the site are not about Nunes, they serve the Republican swamp people’s purpose. Like the story written about California Rep. Ted Lieu—an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump—titled, “Dem CA Rep roasted on CNN, proceeds to make a fool of himself.”

It’s these types of shenanigans that have the editorial board of the Fresno Bee calling Nunes “Trump’s stooge” and accusing him of “doing dirty work for House Republican leaders trying to protect President Donald Trump in the Russia investigation.”


Nunes claims that he’s a victim of the media and told radio host Rush Limbaugh last week, “Almost every story is fake news. … Almost every story that runs about me is fake. I mean, it’s unbelievable the stuff that is out there.”

He added, “Democracy does die in darkness. The problem is, is the darkness is emanating from the mainstream media themselves. I mean, they refuse, they absolutely refuse to cover the truth. They don’t want to cover it.”


When Politico asked Anthony Ratekin, Nunes’ chief of staff, for a comment about “the California Republican,” they were told, “Until Politico retracts its multitude of fake stories on Congressman Nunes, we will not go on the record.”

Since the site has been taken down, I think Nunes’ position on the website is clear.

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To call Nunes an absolute hack does a disservice to hacks. This guy belongs in a rubbish bin. The fact that people actually voted for him is what I find most shocking.