Sometimes people celebrate and de-stress with alcohol. Sometimes they can get a little … inebriated. We probably don't imagine our politicians doing that, but most of them don't go through what Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick went through in April, when the entire city of Boston went on lockdown as authorities searched for marathon-bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev.

According to the New York Times, Patrick told an audience during at talk at a Cambridge, Mass., marketing firm on Wednesday that after Tsarnaev's capture, he got "quite drunk" during dinner at a restaurant near his rural home. He told the group that he felt very relieved when Tsarnaev was captured because he knew people would have been frustrated with the order he enacted the day of the capture, which locked down Boston and several surrounding suburbs.

Maggie Merelle, co-owner of the restaurant Rouge in West Stockbridge, said Patrick had a "glass of chardonnay or two" with dinner but she doesn't remember him being drunk.

"He wasn't tipsy. I never would have known," Merelle said.

She said hosting the governor made her feel "like an old Jewish mother feeding him. We just wanted to nourish him."


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